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  Intel Tiger Lake Platform

11th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors deliver a balance of performance and responsiveness in a low-power platform built on our third-generation 10nm process technology. The platform combines a high-performance CPU, up to 23% faster single thread performance, and up to 19% faster multi-thread performance. With new Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, the platform offers up to 2.95 times faster graphics performance1, plus PCI Express* 4.0 and Thunderbolt™ 4/USB4.

Engineered to deliver for IoT markets, these processors can support low-latency and time-sensitive applications, and have the power to run multiple workloads including AI and deep learning applications on a single platform.

Key Features

Total Compute Performance
High performance CPU and GPU combine with AI and deep learning capabilities to enable workload consolidation in applications like computer numerical control (CNC) machines, real-time controls, human machine interfaces, tool applications, medical imaging and diagnostics (in applications like ultrasound), and other applications requiring high resolution, HDR output with AI capabilities.

Advanced Graphics, Media, and Display
The graphics, media, and display engine can output up to 4x4k60 HDR or 2x8K60 SDR, with up to two VDBOXes that can decode over 40 incoming video streams at 1080p and 30 frames per second. The engine supports applications like digital signage and smart retail (including AI enhanced for analytics), as well as computer vision with inferencing capabilities for uses like network video recorders or machine vision and inspection.

Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost)
AI and inferencing acceleration can be achieved with Intel® DL Boost running on the CPU vector neural network instructions (VNNI), or with 8-bit integer instructions on the GPU (Int8).

Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (Intel® TCC)
New IoT-centric hardware and software to enable applications that need to deliver timely performance. Fast cycle times and low latency for applications like programmable logic controllers and robotics

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