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  Intel Broadwell-DE Platform (Intel Xeon-D Processor) - 6U SBC

The VPX6-CXD, 6U OpenVPX SBC(Single Board Computer) is based on the highly integrated Intel® Xeon-D processor platform. The VPX6-CXD is configured with dual Xeon-D processors and is designed for use in very computer-intensive applications as well as high performance in transferring a huge amount of data. To maximize the data transferring bandwidth, it provides two sRIO Gen2 channels on the data plane and two 40Gb Ethernet ports on the additional data plane per processor. The Xeon-D SOC SBC is a full-featured 6U OpenVPX SBC, designed for harsh-environment, air and conduction-cooled aerospace and defense applications such as command/control, ISR, radar, sonar and signal processing. With a high bandwidth on the network channels, PCI Express® Gen3 fabric and XMC2.0 expansion in the VPX6-CXD enables developers to take full advantage of the leading-edge Xeon-D processor architecture.

※ Features ※
● PROCESSOR : Two Intel® Xeon-D Processors D-1539 @1.6GHz (2x 409GFlops)
● MAIN MEMORY : DDR4 16GB w/ECC per Processor
● STORAGE : 32GB SSD (SATA) per Processor
● BIOS ROM : 64Mbit(SPI BIOS) per Processor
● GRAPHIC : No Internal Graphics
● PMC/XMC : XMC only  
● SERIAL I/O : 1x RS422/485 and 2x RS232per Processor
● ETHERNET : 2x 40Gb-KR4 per Processor
                     2x 10Gb-KR per Processor
                     1x 1000Base-T or 1000Base-BX per Processor
● USB : 2x UBS2.0 and 1x USB3.0 per Processor
● GPIO/SATA : 8x GPIOs and 2x SATA per Processor  
● ETC : 1x 8Lanes PCIe Gen3 per Processor
            4x 4Lanes sRIO Gen2 per Processor
● OPERATING SYSTEM : Windows 7/8/10 Linux, VxWorks 7.x
● OPERATING TEMPERATURE : -40℃ ~ 85℃(Card Edge)

● BIOS : AMI EFI BIOS(Aptio) by Xannex Technologies

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