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  Intel Santarosa Platform (Intel Core2 Duo LV Processor) - 6U SBC


[6U VME 320 SBC]
V2DR is next generation of rugged 6U VME320 Single Board Computer offering Intel Core2 Duo LV Processor that features 65nm process technology with processing speed up to 1.6GHz. This Intel Processor deliver two complete execution cores in one processor package that share 800MHz front-side bus(FSB) and 4MB of L2 cache. It enables execution of parallel threads or applications on separate cores with dedicated CPU resources. The V2DR supports a 32bit and 64bit processor architecture. The GME965 GMCH support GMA X3100 graphics for 3D, Dual channel DDR2 SDRAM unbuffered 667MHz memory bus, optional MXM PCIExpress x16 lane graphic module and it connected to I/O Controller Hub 8M-E (ICH8M-E) through 4 lane Direct Media Interface(DMI). MXM slot provides for professional 3D Graphics The ICH8M-E support 1 IDE channel, 9 USB2.0 ports, 3 Gen2 SATA Ports and 6 PCIExpress ports. PCIExpress port 0-3 used for VME320/2eSST Interface through PCIE to PCI-X bridge, port 4 connected to PCIExpress Gigabit Ethernet Controller and port 5 connected to Gigabit PHY with internal Gigabit Controller.
The SMSC SCH3114 support Keyboard, Mouse PS/2 interface, 4 Asynchronous serial ports that port1,2 are RS-232 and port3,4 are isolated RS-422, and 1 parallel port The V2DR is available in conduction-cooled configuration Currently support operating systems are Windows XP, Windows Vista. Future will be support Linux and others.

※ Specification ※
● Processor-Intel Low Voltage Core2 Duo
   ▶ Intel Core2 Duo LV Processor with core processor speed of 1.60GHz
   ▶ Two complete execution cores in one processor package
   ▶ High Performance, low power, Intel Dual Core Architecture.
   ▶ 4MB L2 on-chip cache
   ▶ 800MHz front side bus
● Chipsets-Intel GME965/ICH8M-E
   ▶ 800MHz Front Side Bus to Processor
   ▶ 6 lanes PCI Express connections to major components for maximum I/O throughput
   ▶ 2 Channel DDR2 SDRAM running @667MHz memory bus
   ▶ GMA X3100 Graphics Integrated
   ▶ 4 lanes DMI Interface between chipsets
● Memory-DDR2 SDRAM
   ▶ 2GB DDR2 SDRAM running @667MHz memory bus
   ▶ Integrated DDR2 SDRAM Controller through GME965
   ▶ Dual Channel : CHA On-board, CHB SO-DIMM Slot
   ▶ 667MHz (64bit)  
● Graphics
   ▶ GME965 contains internal 2D/3D Graphic Engine called GMA X3100
   ▶ VGA-640x480 to 2048x1536 pixel field
   ▶ TV-Out
   ▶ Optional MXM Slot for high performance 3D Graphcs
● Flash ROM
● Flash Disk-Solid Sate Disk
   ▶ 16GBytes Solid State on an UltraDMA Mode-4
● Serial ATA
   ▶ 3 External SATA support via ICH8M-E
   ▶ Gen2 support (3Gbps)
   ▶ RAID 0/1 Support
● Ethernet-2 Gigabit Ethernet
   ▶ Intel 82566MM Phy with ICH8M-E internal Gigabit Controller provides Gigabit Ethernet routed to P0
   ▶ Intel 82573V provides Integrated MAC and PHY routed to P0
   ▶ 8 USB2.0 ports routed to P0
   ▶ 1 USB2.0 port routed to Mezzanine board for mass storage (Intel Z-U130)
   ▶ Integrated USB Controller through the ICH8M-E
   ▶ ports routed to P2
● Serial I/O-RS232/RS422
   ▶ 16550 compatible 2 ports RS232 ports
   ▶ 16550 compatible 2 ports isolated RS422 ports
● PS/2
   ▶ 1 PS/2 Keyboard port
   ▶ 1 PS/2 Mouse port
● PMC Extension Slot-IEEE P1386
   ▶ Conduction cooled only
   ▶ 5V V/IO
   ▶ 32bit/33MHz
● Temperature
   ▶ Operating : -33°C - +85°C(Measured at Card Edge)
   ▶ Storage : -40°C - +85°C
● BIOS : AMI Legacy BIOS (AMIBIOS8) by Xannex Technologies

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