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  Intel Santarosa Platform (Intel Core2 Duo LV Processor) - 3U SBC


[VPX Core2 Duo Processor Board]
The VPX C1 is the first Intel Core2 Duo processor based offering on the 3U VPX form factor. Implementing the 1.6 GHz L7500 (2.2GHz T7500 available) Intel Core Duo processor architecture, VPX C1 brings state of the art processing performance to the military and aerospace market. With a rich set of I/O, the VPX C1 is a rugged PC aimed at control, processing, storage, communications and graphics applications. The Intel GME965 Northbridge provides a dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM interface, as well as incorporating GMA X3100 graphics capability. High-speed interfaces include two Gigabit Ethernet, 6 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 3 SATA GenII and HDA. And also The VPX form factor allows for high speed PCI Express connections to other cards in the system. VPX C1 supports four PCI Express ports across the backplane. Firstly, x16 PCI Express port provides high performance access to a dedicated graphics processing unit, such as that on the VPX G1 and VPX G2 graphics board. Secondly, a x4 PCI Express port allows high speed data communication to other single board computers. Alternatively, the x4 port can be configured as four x1 ports. It also provides solid state disk as mezzanine style that connected to ICH8M-E IDE interface. The SSD is 16GB capacity and support UDMA Mode-4 for high speed data transfer. VPX C1 is supplied with a BIOS, supporting operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded and Mont vista Linux.

※ Specification ※
● Processor
   ▶ Intel Core2 Duo LV Processor with core processor speed of 1.60GHz
   ▶ Two complete execution cores in one processor package
   ▶ High Performance, low power, Intel Dual Core Architecture.
   ▶ 4MB L2 on-chip cache , 800MHz front side bus
● Memory -SDRAM
   ▶ Integrated DDR2 SDRAM Controller through GME965
   ▶ Dual Channel : CHA,CHB On-board
   ▶ 667MHz (64bit)  
● Flash BIOS
   ▶ 8 Mbit SPI Serial Flash
   ▶ Mezzanine Type 16GB Solid State Disk (Flash Disk)
   ▶ UDMA Mode-4 Support
● Serial ATA
   ▶ Single External SATA support via ICH8M-E
   ▶ Gen2 support (3Gbps)
● PCI Express
   ▶ PCI Express root ports
   ▶ Supports PCI Express 1.1
   ▶ Ports 1-4 can be statically configured as four x1 or one x4
   ▶ Support for full 2.5 Gb/s bandwidth
● USB 2.0
   ▶ 6 CH USB2.0 ports routed to VPX connector
   ▶ Integrated USB Controller through the ICH8M-E
   ▶ Supports legacy Keyboard/Mouse softwar
● Ethernet  Gigabit Ethernet
   ▶ Intel 82566MM Phy with ICH8M-E internal Gigabit Controller provides Gigabit Ethernet routed to VPX connector
   ▶ Intel 82573V provides Integrated MAC and PHY routed to VPX connector
● Real Time Clock
   ▶ Real Time Clock through ICH8M-E
   ▶ Battery Backup from system
● Mechanical
   ▶ weight  :  370g
   ▶ Size  : 170.6(mm) x 100.0mm(D) x 19.0mm(H)
● Temperature
   ▶ Operating : -40℃ - +85℃ (Card Edge)
   ▶ Storage : -55℃ - +105℃  
● BIOS : AMI Legacy BIOS (AMIBIOS8) by Xannex Technologies

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